Blogs and the world

Today when I opened the blog, I saw a comment on my post on the Mumbai Rains and I followed the blogger, Slpmartin. His blog made me realise the reason why I had started blogging. It is meant to be able to express, to be able to speak out.

Even though we are in an age of a super media friendly world I think we get so involved with what the world wants that our own views, our voice gets muffled somewhere. And that is just shit.. if I may say so. And once in a while you come across people that are not scared to speak their mind. Who come into their own in this “webspace”, and even though a lot of people just call it the new media revolution, I just think we have found a way to be able to speak. 

Rennaisance and Reformation, spoken of in one vein.

I ponder if it’s time, to find an era new.

Of voice not muffled and thoughts as fresh as lilies,

with tiny droplets of dew.

Say hello to a new morning, with people hearing you out,

So what if it’s the internet, and people a smoky cloud.

Atleast you are you self, with dreams and wishes and opinions,

Blogs and people are different, but thats the beauty of what we are all about!