Mumbai Rains!

Gunja sa hai koi iktara… Thats the song that I could hear in my head over and over and over….  It was beautiful. Mom and mumbai rains, early in the morning and that just makes your day!

Just yesterday, I felt like a child again. Dancing while it rained, and I knew that my terrace flat that needed immense amount of cleaning, was worth it all. It was one of those times, everything in life seemed perfect.

And today while coming to work I encountered the rain again. It was as if the rains were talking to me. Reaching out to me. And I knew it was mumbai’s way of welcoming me.

A few little drops of elation,

Hundreds of drops multiply,

And the music of this nature,

stays with me through this day.

I dance in my head,

while me feet cant move away.

I love the smell of silence,

and sound of the wet mud.

And it all is beautiful and happy,

this day is my sunshine day!