Himachal – Kasol

I was never very much of a travel writer, but it was my travel to Himachal that I think changed me, so much of me.

And so I decided to pen down a few of my most treasured moments. And relive my journey.

While you enter Himachal you start to notice these little drops of mountains, from the plains of Delhi to Himachal is a long journey and as I watched the landscape change through the night, I had anĀ intuitionĀ that this could be one of those times when you feel like a bird. I felt like I was flying through the clouds, flying my way to Kasol.

Kasol is like a boy, a boy that doesn’t want to grow up, very peter pan. with just one main lane, no complications, but then again there is so much unexplored, there are many firsts possible in Kasol even though its a small town. You have the chance to not only explore yourself, but also make new friends, its like those old time villages. everyone living together and everyone knows everyone. There is just the right amount of privacy, but you are never alone.

There is one thing about Kasol I will never forget, there was this little virgin riverside, that our group discovered. We trekked to the riverside at night, through an old rickety bridge and some twisted untrodden paths in the mountains. I still remember just praying and hoping that we would all get there in one piece, even thinking for some time that maybe we should just not go. But then, I got there. It was almost like it was just him and me that got there.

There stood the moon staring down at us, and for once I understood what beautiful silence really means. there was a house across the river. It was like one of those sceneries you draw as a child.. Only it was alive.

And I just sat there on the rock.. not talking and we let our eyes speak, and even though as I write it sounds like the most cheesiest thing, it was beautiful. I went back to being free and dreaming. That night I wished that time would never walk by us.

And then there were spurts of laughter, our laughter. And I knew that the place was also alive because of us. A few attempts at a bonfire, some alcohol and a bunch of people who were giddy with smiles, not laughter but smiles. Those were real. And a few unspoken words and we knew that somehow that night we had all become better friends.

I knew that I was more in love than I had ever been, I was there with some people I loved and some that I missed. I wished that some of them had been there and yet I knew that someday I bring them back with me.

And then just like that somehow only three of us headed back, somehow even as I was scared of walking those paths with just the three of us. It was funny now that I look back, probably the two most important people in my life. I think I was pretending to be scared just so I could hold on and not let go. When we crossed back the half held bridge, we hugged and I dont think it was a hug at just getting back safe (though we assumed so) I think those were hugs just because.

I wish I could do that once more.