Mad Men

Ok So I am not good at keeping resolutions. But I think most of us aren’t. I will try though to keep up with it as much as I can. Now I am not witty or charming, I usually like to write poetry, which again is not saying much. And last but not the least. I am particularly in this phase these days when I am trying to be as happy as I can because I don’t think too many people right now are worth my efforts.

But, without further digressing from the topic. I am going to talk about what brings me to write this. Well its a blog. 🙂

I was suggested to read a blog.. And I did. Its a blog by a certain Rahul Jauhari and I am in love. The blog is funny, witty and has managed to put a smile on my face almost for the WHOLE day. So like all normal women, I did some digging and stalking of the man… And voila.. He is an An Ad Man.

Now I do hope he is not reading my blog (I am sure he is this is just less meaner way of saying to self no one really reads my blog) but if he was I just was really impressed. So I decided on what I had been thinking of for along time. And a colleague and I almost always discuss it. 🙂

Advertising and Branding Men are the most desirable lot for women of today. Now there are pros and there are the cons. But I think I will stick to the pros. 🙂

So here is a 10 point list of why I love men in advertising.

1) Since they are of a creative bent of mind women do hope that they will use creativity in the crucial areas like physical intimacy (note the use of words, I am attempting not to be crass, such grace)

2) These guys are more often than not good with words, you will rarely be stuck waiting for tables, waiting for a drink or caught at a signal, most of my friends usually get away

3) I have noticed being in MICA that it is always easier to shop with this genre of men (this is gendering and generalization.. its OK I think I am allowed), they have knowledge about brands, when they are bored they do not crib, they just start to make fun of you.. And you just go back relenting (not pissed, better relent than sulk)

4) Even if they are not good dancers, they don’t usually mind good parties and crowds

5) Almost always its easier to engage them if you can be interesting, you don’t NECESSARILY have to be hot (Note the usage and highlight of the word)

6) On dinner dates, they would not end up getting you flowers and chocolates because they are usually lazy, but thats nice (Women don’t mind chasing a man they think is worth it)

7) I am biased but they are HOT more often than not, or they managed to look hot

8) They have enough wit to last you a lifetime

9) They judge less, and don’t judge women who drink and smoke at all

10) Most men in ad world are rebels which makes it easier for women like me to feel the ” I am not alone” phenomena…

So now.. This goes to back to how I came about writing this post. So Rahul Jauhari if single would be my no.1 for the day. 🙂

Also I am not this judgmental usually, today is just not my favourite day, except for the blog.