The skies are now a clear Blue,
and dawn is walking in,
The sun is just about rising now,
the moon is taking his last bow.

Through the tiny holes in the blanket of clouds,
rays of golden light begin to peep,
I wake up to the sun and clouds,
playing the game of hide and seek.

Gently the wind whispers in my ears,
by sprinkling dew drops on my eyes,
The morning starts to give me life,
the song birds give me wings.
And with a wistful smile I realise,
There are still these beautiful things.



Bolder lines and life of colour,
larger canvasses with stories of valour,
deep and dark the crevice runs,
I will stop when this road turns

Glowing stars of a deep blue sky,
looking for a path and harder I try,
language of flowers throws me astray,
Not just the leaves but my mind is at sway

Lower and deeper inside the earth,
where often darker thoughts take cover,
a lonely eve still waits for her lover,
and that’s the beginning of this tale’s birth…