I am seeking inspiration,

holed somewhere deep inside,

I wish I knew where it hides.

Just keeping faith intact,

can be so much of a task,

of your dreams and desires you were never asked.

Slowly, the rhythm of my patience

is waning away.

I am hoping that the short breath is just a small stress ball,

I am hoping that soon and surely this will come to a stand still.

And hope is the start of will.


To the new

New rain and shine,

a new song of joy,

a new tear of sadness,

some precious new friends.

And old new beginnings,

to discovering, exploring and uncovering,

new poets and new stories.

On again and off again,

the story of this past.

And slow is this trekker,

on the quickly winding road,

of paradoxes this life,

from the new to the old.

Blogs and the world

Today when I opened the blog, I saw a comment on my post on the Mumbai Rains and I followed the blogger, Slpmartin. His blog made me realise the reason why I had started blogging. It is meant to be able to express, to be able to speak out.

Even though we are in an age of a super media friendly world I think we get so involved with what the world wants that our own views, our voice gets muffled somewhere. And that is just shit.. if I may say so. And once in a while you come across people that are not scared to speak their mind. Who come into their own in this “webspace”, and even though a lot of people just call it the new media revolution, I just think we have found a way to be able to speak. 

Rennaisance and Reformation, spoken of in one vein.

I ponder if it’s time, to find an era new.

Of voice not muffled and thoughts as fresh as lilies,

with tiny droplets of dew.

Say hello to a new morning, with people hearing you out,

So what if it’s the internet, and people a smoky cloud.

Atleast you are you self, with dreams and wishes and opinions,

Blogs and people are different, but thats the beauty of what we are all about!