The nights’ story, my morning’s glory

Yesterday as I was going through a friends note on facebook, it was beautiful and it sort of inspired me to write something. So here goes nothing.

I wake up to your smell,

and feel like I am engulfed,

I wind up the morning,

in your arms I feel like it’s love.

Its a steady heart beat,

music to my ears,

our morning kiss tussle,

and the still and lazy moments.

Time but a shadow of reality,

the room telling us  last nights story,

Of burning passions,

and an unfinished dance.

I want it all to stay,

forever just this way,

but time is a fickle mind my love,

we will wait for our next night of fire,

it will be a different start with a similar end.

For now lets start a day afresh,

with some breakfast and tea in bed,

a few more quick stolen kisses,

but its time now, wake up.