Monsoons.. To do!

Its monsoons. And I decided to tell my friend, its time.

I want to tell my friends that this is the time to fall in love with yourself all over again.

So here’s a list of things everyone should do in monsoons.

1. Don’t just take a book and sit with a coffee on your window, explore the terrace of your apartment or just go out to an open area. Feel the rain

2. Put absolute bolly music, call some friends over and dance to your hearts content

3. Buy something awesomely white, and then wear it when its pouring. It will be amazing when you see it go brown, you will feel like a kid again

4.For all those in mumbai, take your footwear off and walk on a rocky beach

5. Go have hot pakodas or bhutta in the rain from the smallest roadside stall

6. Flirt with someone, just take a random guy/girl out for coffee (strictly for my single friends, I do not promote polygamy)

7. Feel all mushy inside for sometime at least and go eat ice gola just then (you will understand this when you do this)

8. If you can ride a bicycle, or a bike, go for a ride when its pouring cats and dogs

9. Bunk work during lunch… This is going to be most fun

10. Last but not the least, just disappear for sometime.. let a few people call you and panic. And then you sit in just one corner and cry your quota for the whole year, for anything wrong that happened

I have realised that monsoons are not just the best time to be in love, to smile, to feel like a child again, but also the best time to cry, your sadness almost flows away with them. And then you decide bas, I am done till next monsoon and hope that you wont have to cry then.