The Bliss in Ignorance

I was told by someone recently, they don’t get what I write. I smiled to myself and thought how everyone in this world wants to be able to just get everything. The mystique and charm of not knowing is hardly cherished anymore. We are all constantly in this quest to know all instantly. The novelty of discovery is almost lost out on us.

There is this need that we have, to almost always outdo another’s so called ‘intellectual capacities’, or if you know you can’t then at least ‘understand’ them and be on the same page. And I just think we need to have this peace with ignorance. Ignorance is bliss is not a cliche` for nothing at all.

I constantly wish everyday that I can find it in me to enjoy ignorance, cause if there is no ignorance, there is nothing to learn. And once we have nothing to learn, there will be no forging ahead. For once let’s all try and be ignorant. Go to a gallery and see a few paintings, not understand them. Take time out to decipher them, love art and be ignorant about its mystery. Uncover, discover and learn something new and enjoy the process of it all. Everything always served in a platter is not new right.