The Naked Woman

After watching a string of episodes of How I met your Mother, I started to see a pattern, The Naked Man technique seemed to have gotten around across seasons. And the Play book was considered ‘extremely cool’.

That brought me to a thought, why should a guy feel that he can pull all these sort of cool tricks off, while we don’t have the liberty. No if I was to do a Naked woman for a guy he wouldn’t jump into bed with me because he thought it was cute, he will just say “What the heck! Naked girl”… So anyway… And later tell his friends.. She was such a whore!

The unsaid rule that women should be mysterious I think should go take a hike. I mean why should we women be restricted to waiting to be approached… Why cant we like go up to a guy and ask him out. I mean I have done that a few times and I have been told that its a turn off.. I would like to understand why?

So right now, right here. I am going to start The Naked Woman movement. The movement that allows all woman to stare at men all they want, approach them as and when they feel like, talk about sex openly, and not be called a slut for things a man can be called a stud.

So anyway, I think there is no poetry I can write on The Naked Woman. But the movement must begin!