Something I wrote as a note.

Being Feminist.

Yesterday I probably had one of my worst experiences ever. I was walking at the Bandra station and as usual i was getting pinched and grabbed (note that I use these words casually not because its ok but for Indian women who want to move around, it has become a reality of everyday.) As I climbed up the bridge, I got spat on. Yes someone spit on me, and as I turned around the guy also had the audacity to pinch my butt and walk on.

All I did then was break down and cry, I broke down at the station and cried. Because being a woman I kept thinking there is much worse that could have happened. And why, because we are conditioned to think that way. I am SICK of having to live with it. And then when women like us retaliate and speak up about this, we are termed feminist. You know there is a movie that I saw some time back and there was a very sad dialogue in it, ” After having my butt pinched and my boobs talked to since eternity I think I have earned the right to letch at a few men and pass lewd remarks”

And thats what it has come to for us women, resort to a tit for tat exercise in a bid to make the sick men out there realise ‘how it feels’.

And some like me resort to being vocal about it, talking it out. Raising my voice every time I see something wrong happening. ANd then be called feminist or seeking attention. I hope to God of all women (because our God must be different since he doesn’t give us the right to walk all over the other gender), that someday just someday the tables get turned, because apparently being MCP is not wrong but being a feminist is.