Work a dream

I have always loved work, I know its hard to believe but I have. And I still do, mostly. But I feel less satisfaction than I would like to. There are things I would like to do that I don’t.

And it gets so difficult sometimes to find the right way to go about it. There is like a long term plan I have. to be able to use theatre to spread awareness about issues. Make theatre a form of communication, a form that people identify with. It has been attempted and been successful. But I keep wondering, how am I going to go about it, it like across a forest land you can see the fort you plan to reach, but just don’t know how. Because you don’t see the path.

I am making sure now that I create it, pebble by pebble. I want to not let go a dream so closely held. I want to for once have the confidence in that dream and make a start. It’s weird I know, a lot of people tell me so. They say its far fetched, and I smile to myself and say aren’t dreams meant to be.

And I continue to walk on to my dream. I am sure you have yours, and today I just hope someone takes the first pebble and lays it down. Because letting go would mean that someday you will sit with your grand children and say I wanted to do all this. I won’t, I will sit with them and say I did all this because I knew I wanted to.

I worked a dream caricature of my life out.