Just another Blast.

Another bomb blast in my country and lives lost. It is difficult when people say move on. Why are we living in a world where man can so easily destroy and does not see he cannot create. Nobody has the right to cause such pain. This is a tribute to all those who lost lives and families in blasts across the world. Its not easy but we all need to raise a single unified voice. We need to stop these things from being ‘usual’. Each of these attacks are different, each time there are fresh wounds, its not just another blast.

A large sound,

and straws of red,

Mommy will you please take me to bed.

The crying child,

and pieces of hope,

two lovers – they had just eloped.

A father lost,

and futures blurred,

wishes become ashes of the present

there are unpaid debts incurred.

And we weep for the losses,

and protest against the pain.

But to past we cant return,

While man is constantly burying men,

tis a way of life consistent today,

and we hope each moment for a change in ways.