Day 2

So well I succeeded in writing a post. I even really like the poem I wrote. Now I am just boasting. But my good deed for the day. I sent a friend a smile. 🙂

Yup. And I took my medicines on time. So this thing seems to be working alright for me. And I did get up with a big smile on my face. I think looking at life from different lenses is going to augur well for me. I am starting afresh. So I think next on the list is healthy living. That when I am back in Mumbai.


A new beginning

Everyone gets a chance to start fresh, and while I am sick and at home. I think I decided for me its time to start fresh. Like many of my friends will swear, I have been a bit off myself lately. I crib and complain and cry. I don’t feel like the overwhelmingly bubbly and happy person I once was. I think somewhere I have forgotten that all I am doing is to find happiness.

Or infact all any of us do is to find happiness. And so I have made a small resolution. And resolutions are meant to be lost out and all is what I have heard. But this one I intend to keep. I am going to write everyday. Of the little progresses I make. And every day I am going to do two good deeds. One just for me (lately I think I don’t pay much attention to self in all the cribbing and complaining.) and one for someone else, a stranger or a friend. Something that can make them smile. Also every single day I am going to ask myself, what have I learnt today. That I think is very important.

So I am hoping I can keep this up. 🙂