Day 1

Well I dint realise how difficult it can be to do a good deed for a stranger when you are at home all day sick.

So I decided there is one way to do it for myself. We finally sent in the registration form. We are now registered for Thespo 12 platform performances. I kept thinking why it is so important for me to be able to write and to be able to be on stage. And I realised.  I feel the most alive when I am on stage, you are one person and many people at the same time. And yet its art. To connect and to make others feel. When someone sits and watches a play, you have the power to bring something to life in them. And thats what is important.

I have friends who write scripts beautifully. Breath life into them, and I always wonder if I could someday write like them. And then I smile to myself, maybe some like me can write only certain things. And I realised that for me as of now poetry is my calling. Calling is a big word. But its true.

Oh and my good deed today depends on another friend and it will be his good deed too. So as of now I am putting this in setbacks category.

So here’s a small one for me and to that friend who I love despite his laziness.

The walks in the rain,

and the meaning of nature,

to droplets of conversations that we share.

A signature,

a piece of glass in a bottle of old monk rum,

the unmade memory of a film.

And yet some months that bond the two.

We move in parallel universes he would say,

But I am sure thats not true.