I am seeking inspiration,

holed somewhere deep inside,

I wish I knew where it hides.

Just keeping faith intact,

can be so much of a task,

of your dreams and desires you were never asked.

Slowly, the rhythm of my patience

is waning away.

I am hoping that the short breath is just a small stress ball,

I am hoping that soon and surely this will come to a stand still.

And hope is the start of will.



The stillness of my patience is losing inertia,

I wish there was a moment I could relive and rewind,

And there was the long due walk I promised myself,

and of disappearing that I would use as rebound.

A few friendships that are hurting now,

a few memories that I have yet to discard,

I am in the ferrous wheel of desires,

and its only inches away from the ground.

I write so I can feel,

semblance of thoughts is fading away,

its mechanical the truth of the threads in my head,

and there is one last lap of that merry go round.

Goodbye, My love

It is the end of the road my love,

I am going to let you drown,

I need to breathe again my love,

I am starting to reach the ground.

Tis’ a tired memory we share,

Tis’ a dying thread and still bare,

let go of my hand its time my love,

I need someone to really care.

My poetry is starting to rot,

in the pain that you gifted last,

I need to start afresh my love,

its a brand new burst of life.

I wish for you well,

and am hoping you do too,

but I promise you this time my love,

I’ll leave you behind with tears.

It is the end of the road my love,

I am going to let you drown,

I wanted i not to end like this,

But I have to let it go,

its stifling way beyond my love,

I am closing on the shore.


I am in the middle of a hurricane,

this hurricane of confusion,

knowing not the start and the finish,

and a throbbing pulse the only sensation.

I am in the middle of an unchanging change,

the constant inertia of lost time,

its beginning to make me squirmish,

and its like spoilt good wine.

I begin and end and hang in conversations,

and subtly try to change time’s mind,

and there, kaboom all efforts,

I am left alone behind.

And quick is the pace of thoughts,

and fickle this life’s impulse,

and yet the stunning magic and sheer sunshine,

with them I do elope.

The nights’ story, my morning’s glory

Yesterday as I was going through a friends note on facebook, it was beautiful and it sort of inspired me to write something. So here goes nothing.

I wake up to your smell,

and feel like I am engulfed,

I wind up the morning,

in your arms I feel like it’s love.

Its a steady heart beat,

music to my ears,

our morning kiss tussle,

and the still and lazy moments.

Time but a shadow of reality,

the room telling us  last nights story,

Of burning passions,

and an unfinished dance.

I want it all to stay,

forever just this way,

but time is a fickle mind my love,

we will wait for our next night of fire,

it will be a different start with a similar end.

For now lets start a day afresh,

with some breakfast and tea in bed,

a few more quick stolen kisses,

but its time now, wake up.