Christmas Eve?

I am a Christmas person, more a Christmas person than a new year person even. I wait the whole year for everything to turn white red and green… I wait and wait to be able to drink and eat and feel like the world is celebrating.

I love the lights and the music and this we don’t need to get drunk and party.. but its good to have close ones closer kinda vibe. Always always always loved it. Now you must be wondering, if I love my christmas so much, why am I posting on the blog instead of being away with my lovelies…

Well my friends I am at work. Working like any just on the job newbie should be. But I feel festive and even though I knew I was going to e working late, I wore a very christmasy dress to work. I wished everyone a Merry Christmas, and I kept smiling and telling everyone else to go out and have fun.

And now while I persuaded all the others to go and really kill it. I find myself at work, and I am slowly and steadily inching towards cribbing and cursing and the lot…

But I won’t because I work in a newspaper, and just like me there a lot of people who work here till atleast 1 in the night to ensure that the next day everyone can see the world’s Christmas. To appreciate and feel happy about how the rest of the world celebrated Christmas. And to still give you all the update on everything else that went on.

So I am going to take a backseat and right now just enjoy being on the other side of the fence.

Merry Christmas, because its not about just the near and dear ones. Its about silently making sure there could be some more smiles because of what you did.


2 thoughts on “Christmas Eve?

  1. Interesting that you are more of a Christmas person; I’m more of a New Year person! I love fireworks, and New Year’s the only time I get to literally scream out at the top of my lungs all the bad vibes I’ve accumulated all throughout the year. Nobody hears because of the firecrackers.

    Hope you had a great Christmas though. 🙂

  2. Waise here we have diwali to yell out the bad vibes… I mean the firecrackers dont stop for a week.

    But Christmas, well lets just say i went home to friends and a movie…. I think its nice once in a while to do that. 🙂

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