A hurricane,

a name,

a few ringing sounds.

A clap,

a roar,

some movements thereabout.


and fast,

no directions to be found.

To write,


a wish that ye be true.


3 thoughts on “Random

  1. Listening to Sufi music is a breath of fresh air to my spirit. I don’t understand the words they’re singing, but I could only assume they’re about the plea for peace and the search for truth. It makes me feel one with Allah. It’s mind-opening. It makes me feel bad for those who wallow in their own little worlds.

    • One of these days I will translate a sufi song for you. Tell me the name if you know any, they have beautiful lyrics. Some of it inspires me to write more. 🙂

  2. There are Sufi instrumental songs that I really like. I have actually added some of them in my playlist. Thanks for introducing me to this beautiful music. I’ll look for a worded Sufi song that I would like the english translation of.

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