To You.

And there was the bench,

and our little unknown corner,

some bold attempts at staring at the skies,

and being that made conversations.

And there were a hundred stories,

that you and I still share,

those moments that are ours to keep,

with a hundred colored hues.

Some gifts of sentiment,

and some of simple love,

a night that was spent in banter,

and some wired hugs.

And I still close my eyes,

and cry over my broken heart,

you maybe far in distance,

But I know you are close behind.

For even with my shattered spirit,

you do still read my mind,

You pull me out of this crowd,

and I wonder if we are just friends,

friendship is too small a picture,

its just where this road bends.


4 thoughts on “To You.

  1. Perhaps the incomplete conversations would be completed by someone else. Hang on 🙂 I like your recent poems, they’re dark but not distant like some of your older poems.

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