Slaving to Technology

Ok Scary scary scary.. I love my new blackberry but it is definitely scary.

I am almost obsessive about it, I have reached the point where I could be writing poetry on it. There is always someone online, or something to read, or mails to check.. I mean it is just fabulous!!

And yet I feel like I have become a slave to it. Like today while having lunch when it rang, I actually kept thinking about it till I could check it. Also I constantly feel ‘cool’ and that is just abominable. But aren’t we all slaves to technology in some manner.

One of my closest friends is very unhappy with my recent blackberry purchase and while I understand his dislike, I think I am already in a love affair where I take offence if someone says something to My Blackberry.

I have also integrated it with wordpress so I can read blogs, now that is just I dont know, addictive. But I have decided I will not let it take over my life. I love people more, I do.

So let me get over my intial obsession, and then its back to the people loving Neha.

Signing off



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