No men!

I don’t need them. Or so I have been told, I agree obviously. I am an independent, bold and fiery woman. (or I would like to think that)

Point being there is a not so old saying that goes “when you say over and over again that you don’t need a man, they come hunting for you”. My god I feel like Shobha De writing posts like this. But you know chicklit (a very derogatory term for feminine literature) was never my forte. I am writing this out of a need of MY hour.

Anyway so I don’t need no men. But sometimes, in a huge city without your family you once in a while need a single friend, which suddenly even at my age (i refuse to disclose) are quite a rarity. And then there are times when you want to take trips with your friends they are all couples and you feel out of place (now I feel like carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the city- that is not necessarily a good thing), anyway and thats when you sigh and aww.. and hope you will find that ‘someone’. 

But not me. No sir, I don’t need them. Because I have a life other than a personal one. I have a place I want to get to.

I just want to tell everyone who sits and hopes to “hook” up soon, life is too beautiful even this way. Find some thing you love and live it moment by moment, being yourself, without any compromises!

Just Live!!!!!


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