The Audience and The Spectator

Its the reel that runs at the back of your head when watching, thats stronger than the one before you. Just explored a new a concept, the audience and the spectator. Its a term under film studies, audience are the real people that watch a movie, and spectator is a position. And I just smiled to myself thinking that all of us are more audience than spectators. We do not want to take a position, refuse to take a stand.

So here’s one for a spectator trashed…..

I watched as if I stood outside where I sat,

thinking and feeling and making judgements,

taking a stand as I stood,

posited myself in angles and frames,

and yet there was the backlit girl,

pain in her eyes and anger on her brow,

strength and wards gathered together,

to spite and swallow some of the hurt.

And I stood,

stood by her side and felt so right,

and then this little voice in my head, it said

the path is fine, just walk right ahead

I listened and I believed

but yet saw just audience all around,

Wanted to scream its not just a show,

but who listens to a mere spectator’s say?


2 thoughts on “The Audience and The Spectator

    • Well I would definitely say you write better, carefully chosen words and yet well flowing, there is much more emotion! 🙂 Thanks a lot though for the compliment, even though it is not entirely deserved. 🙂

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