I’m Back

Ok I am back to blogging, after practically 8 months of planning, working and everything else- Sankalp is finally over. Oh its the annual theatre production of college. I don’t know whether to feel relieved, happy, sad.. It’s a mixed bag. There is a little emptiness.

But I realised through this time. I am definitely not the most diplomatic person around. And also that I am workhorse .. good/bad? Don’t know, don’t care. I am taking it one thing at a time now. 🙂 As of now, just very excited about the next term and what it might bring. And I still have the grand finale Alumni Meet to take care off. Sometimes I wonder what would my life revolve around if I did not have work. I mean I don’t know if I could just sit and do nothing. But as of now, I am reading and watching movies. Taking some off time. Doing things I have been putting off.

Just read ‘The Outsider’ by Camus. I don’t think myself adept enough to comment on Camus. But it felt real, the isolation because of perception. I understand that feeling. I am not the most pleasant person either. Enough said on Camus. Next up Milan Kundera. 🙂 Quite excited about it actually. A friend gifted it, and have been meaning to read it. But wanted to do it in my time. So I think My time is come.

Dying to go home now! Life has become fair again.


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