I have always thought of the ifs in my life very often, if I had not done this, or if I had done that. Sometimes they make me happy and sometimes just infinitely sad. But the one thing I know is that each of the ifs have taught me something. And for better or for worse, the person I am is because of the numerous ifs in my life.
We all have ifs, and some too big to be forgotten or let go but they are there for a reason. Sometimes even if to make you realise the value of normality. They all form decisions in your life. And sometimes ifs are actions, conditions that will take you to what you see and what you dont. There is a poem IF by Rudyard Kipling, everyone has heard it, but my IF would be different, very different.
I think every If makes you a person. Whole and complete. If there were lesser ifs, I might not have been who I am and If there were more ifs then may be it would have messed me up in my head. But if the ifs right now I have are not enough or may be too much is it wrong……

If.. I could only always answer all questions.


2 thoughts on “If

  1. Very true Neha, especially that every IF makes you a much more complete person. IF only we could rewind some things and do it over again…

  2. All the IFs represent the unsaid, unexperienced realities that could have been. They are the histories that could have been. The fact that they could not happen makes them come to us and haunt us like an apparition. And in that way, they make their presence felt. The story of IFs is a story of absences…a presence made felt through this narrative of absences.

    Anyway, nice attempt! Carry on! Keep pursuing this line of thought.

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