His boots were meant for walking…

Yes, they were,
And they did.
Just walked all over her.
While she stood and felt pain.
She turned around and walked she knew there was no more to gain.
And yet she held her head high,
and walked with spring in her step.
Cried only in the shower at night,
And everyone thought she was alright.
Then she flew to his home,
little did she know.
She saw a glimpse of what was,
and let the water flow.
Losing track of time,
she wanted to let go and weep.
And somehow the realisation dawned,
for days she had been without sleep.
Ruffled up her bag,
and found a pack of smokes,
thought she could blow the grief away,
Wanted to strangle the bloke.
But how did it matter now,
she started to realise,
His boots were meant for walking,
she was too small for their size!!


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